The largest market is still the strangers, passer-by


How to approach this type of contact ? It's the hardest, but also one of the biggest creation and brings a total self confidence. What I have seen with my many cold contacts was that the ones showing a great confidence while walking were the least lovable and the most scared... those with ties were the most hateful. The first thing to do when you stop a stranger is to apologize yourself and immediately ask them a question that can be answered easily in order to take away their fear of strangers, the fear of relations. If the person is very scared, then stop right away because he doesn't have any evolution and interest in people and himself, he is dead and must live this experience. We also have to have a message to ask them concerning our interest... but what's difficult is this action of "disturbing" a person with lovability. Everything lies in our voice pitch and in the eyes of the stranger.

After thousands of contacts, I arrived at this conclusion that I had to start my contact by saying "sorry, can you give me an information please ?". At this moment, I rapidly observe if that person is kind and attentive... about 75% are. I must have an affirmative answer before going on and if the person doesn't say anything, I repeat the question... don't make the mistake to think that the person will continue to listen to you if you don't have a clear YES. And once received, you tell them your message by taking care to speak at the third person in order to see their interest in all freedom.



The secret to approach a stranger - Relations and marketing