The first contact with a stranger must be easy and fast


I remember thousands of uncomfortable feelings that I had when I approached a stranger and all contacts are always different, so I came to understand that I didn't have any techniques to remember because a contact is always new. I couldn't predict the reaction of someone according to a schema all made that we learn in formation classes. Therefore, a process was there, this process was the original creation. Each relation gave me information to get to know myself and also discover what doesn't work. The biggest conscience taking that I observed was that people are scared... they're scared of strangers because I represented that to them. In fact, I also had that fear like everyone because I'm in that "everyone". Also, the situation counted a lot, by example, if I entered a store, the person had the habit to see me as a possible customer. This type of contact was easier, because a familiar context of a stranger was at his advantage.

The first starting point of a conversation with a stranger (in a common context) must be something actual, usual, standard and interesting. And what are people interested in ? With people known, you only have to ask questions about themselves because people are interested in themselves before anything, but with a stranger this doesn't work, we must have a lame frame, something actual : the temperature, the place, the situation, the person's clothing, etc. This is applied when there is a common context between the two person, but if the contact is totally cold, in the street where no common context is possible. Evidently, more we do these type of contacts and more we have confidence in ourselves.



The secret to approach a stranger - Relations and marketing