Retail store


With the venue of large surface stores, may retail stores had to close their doors because a lot of people preferred going to them for evident reasons of lower prices and bigger varieties under the same roof. Since they can by in large quantity, then they can offer really advantageous fees. But one of things that continue to kill retail stores is the fact that they constantly try to profit too much of customers. The difference between the acquisition costs of the products and their sale price is enormous and store owners justify by saying they must make profits to exist, but the error consists in only seeing their own desire and not the one of their customers. Profits are too high and they don’t want to reduce them because they look for profits “when it comes”. The truth is: the existence of owners isn’t in the profits, but in their customers. Here’s the mistake.

Retail stores can have the same prices as the large surface stores because they have fewer expenses than them. What they have to understand is that they must offer something more in their service for be able to satisfy customers, but since they’re more concentrated in increasing their prices instead of offering something more, then they have no relation with the clientele and no interest in understanding them. Understand this, sell a product doesn’t bring value in a transaction and a relation, but offer a service, offer something that brings good in people’s heart brings a lot more.



Discover the problems of customers

People react when they live problems and want an immediate solution. Then which problems do they live or which problems do you live when you buy products in a retail or large surface store? If you find it, then what can you offer to people to bring them well-being? This doesn’t interest you to know? It’s the reason why you don’t have more benefits and that you’ll close your doors soon!


Affair solutions for your retail store

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