Personal accomplishment


September 1st 2010. All our lives, we have been conditioned to personally accomplish ourselves by trying to be the best, the strongest, the winner, the nicest, the best author, the best doctor, etc. Each day and at any instant we observe people trying to be noticed in order to be appreciated, loved or simply be glorified. Competition has somehow become something healthy, and without it, businesses could have the monopole and therefore destruct small entrepreneurs.



No one seems to understand and everyone accepts this without really seeing is the personal accomplishment is at the roots of all our problems of living in harmony and therefore creating projects together, collective projects. Everyone try’s pulling the blanket on their side and therefore put the importance only on their own proper desires or personal accomplishments.


The problem of competition

How can we create a valuable business when we have the habit of destroying our next ones?


The selfish attitude

An unconscious selfish attitude is well anchored in our habits without noticing it.


Conditioning with school

Authority tough us to compare with others and therefore be the best, be the most, etc.

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