Conditioning with school


Authority tough us to compare with others and therefore be the best, be the most, etc. This mentality is a great habit in the behaviour of an employee and the president of a business, the first minister, the teacher and all those receiving a fix income are in fact employees and this form of security is one of the great cause of the problems on this planet, because it’s associated with personal accomplishment. These are people who spent too much time in schools and these places strongly carry personal accomplishment and competition, not a collective accomplishment and cooperation.



All these people have a point in common that’s visible, they talk a lot without making actions, they continually try to prove something, the constantly desire being right and make others wrong, the go in lack on the exterior.


Voila one of the great causes of failure in a business launch, whether the one of our way of thinking that we’re the best a able to, and yet it’s conditioned in not creating, but in imitating without noticing it.


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