The problem of competition


How can we create a valuable business when we have the habit of destroying our next ones? How enter a relation uniquely with people when we are not attentive to their desire, their well-being?



Everyone desires to be the best but rare are those that desire being the most lovable… why? Simply because being the best is shown with something visible and superficial that can be seen while being the most lovable cannot be shown with an image, but with interior feelings that aren’t visible.


Therefore, our planet is a sleeping one concerning the evolution of the human race where the stars and glory (self image or selfishness), before people, is seen as something valuable and people are even consenting in killing to get to their ends, especially politicians. All of this comes from our constant quest of wanting to be the best, of being part of the winners, which I define as personal accomplishment. This attitude isolates us from being while we grow up and this is observable anywhere on this planet.


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