How to easily follow your budget?


September 2nd 2009. This is a frequently asked question: How to easily follow my budget? What tools can I use? Because if becoming richer means to have money to invest, so to live under your sources of income, this also means to follow your expenses to take conscience of your buying habits that you can modify. Following your budget will bring many consequences to your lifestyle by bringing you another level of consciousness, choices. There's a list of steps to follow to keep it simple and get a maximum of free time for other things in life.



Possibilities are offered to you.

Once you’ve followed your first budgetary month, you can easily calculate the amount spent. You can also try to reduce it as less as possible, to get more possibilities of expenses, and then create a precaution account representing 3 to 6 months of your fix expenses. You can control what you spend by category each month, or each year. You’ll get surprises, and many ideas to take money from a category and move it in the project of another category.


The simplest, yet most difficult at the beginning, is to apply the 60/40 budget. This rule is to spend 60% of your budget will the other 40% is organized in saving categories. This is hard to get used to but is really useful once applied. To give some time to a simple budget will allow you getting money for projects you have in your heart. Remember, everything that works is simple!


- The choices of tools.

- The list of your monthly expenses.

- Classing expenses in categories.



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