How to make incomes


February 11th 2009. Who has never asked themselves how to make incomes, to know a simple way to generate incomes for a better life quality? Evidently, we aren’t talking about receiving easy money without doing anything, but to realize something concrete that creates in our feelings peace, this peaceful mind and the power in us to have options in life.



Too many people already have a satisfying answer in them instead of understanding that it isn’t this known satisfaction that counts, but really something new. If you’re searching for a result you already know, then how can you create something new? It’s important, see essential, to understand that what’s known from you will never create something else then what you’re already living. Is this difficult to understand? Yes, it’s difficult because you believe understanding us now and we perfectly know that you don’t understand, you prefer save your face. So, you desire know how to make different incomes, so can you put aside your knowledge, your beliefs, your prejudices, your reputation and your ego, because if we want to show you something new, you’ll rapidly wear a prejudice which is nothing else then your past, and it’s the same past that prevents you from seeing something new and therefore never make any other income other then the one you have, which is insufficient.


If you can put aside your old thoughts, then maybe you’ll be able to make more incomes, but if you don’t put your beliefs, your knowledge and prejudices aside, then your possibilities to make more incomes are at zero. Continue to believe in you instead of seeing what you believe is the major problem. Here are three essential things that won’t bring you incomes, but the possibility to put yourself in action to realize incomes:


- Your action is the key, your inaction is the truth

- Were do incomes come from?

- You’re searching for ways and solutions to make income?