Adsense is the basics for success of a business on the Internet


October 10 2008. For 5 years now, Adsense brings me important incomes in the online publicity domain and I remember very well my beginning when I placed my Adsence Ads on my first Website. Actually, more than 30 Websites, More than 50 sub-Websites, ten thousands of Web pages are online to bring quality customers to my business partners also to me and everyday I get demands for Website demands.



Its evident for me that Adsense ads integration must perfectly fit with the Website content to obtain an interesting click rate, but what counts more is to write a quality container that interests people and this content is only possible if we offer useful services and products that are in demand. But a quality content with perfectly fitted ads aren't enough, we have to bring a traffic, visitors on the page so therefore, be well positioned in search bots results.

Actuality blogs and articles didn't exist in 2003 and today it brings an essential complement to a Website to regularly add content and benefit refresh primes in search bots. As well as videos who became a new form of information for Websites and also for the publicity. But without a deep comprehension of human relations in person (not formation classes who are swindles), it would be really hard to add quality content to a Website.

Adsense is still the heart of my incomes, but it isn't the only system to generate incomes. In 2006, I left my book editing business to a responsible and passionate person to allow me to live in Colombia even if it brought me a financial security. Since this time, I had to create a financial diversification to not only count on Adsense. Website hosting brings me complementary incomes who allowed me to pay my operation fees and in August 2007, I started to invest amounts of money to loaners in Colombia who help thousands of people allowing them to start their small personal businesses and 18 months later, I receive monthly residual incomes who allow me to live without Adsense and continue to grow up 50% each year. All of this wouldn't of been able without Google Adsense and my book editing talent.

Therefore, I will never forget certain life experiences between 1997 and 2003 who brought me an unbelievable conscience in direct relations with strangers and known people. I met and talked to more than 15000 people in 5 years to offer a business opportunity and believe me, Going in front of strangers with initiative and a fear in me was something really uncomfortable. More than 15000 times a felt uncomforted, but I acted with a clear vision, the one that I'd succeed my businesses. I know today that reaching a stranger is one of the greatest fear, by I also know that passing it brings something money can't buy, a self-confidence and the comprehension of peoples and ours hidden intentions. This consciousness allowed me to be able to create Websites that no one in world can create, because I know the functioning of humans and myself. As consequence, my Adsense incomes and perspicacity prove to me each day to see problems and offer something that people ardently desire.

My financial freedom now lies on my capacity to create more Websites and to share this wonderful work with those who have a sincere intention to live free and without any financial restrictions, Google Adsense gave me this opportunity and it's my turn to offer it to others.

Now I have two sons, one living in Canada speaking English, and another one living in Colombia speaking Spanish, we have something essential to offer to what a contractor desires... qualified customers for their business profitability. We are now creating three Websites who will be the reference for Website designing :

Creations 3L in English

Creations 3L in French

Creations 3L in Spanish

                                                                                     Claude Lasanté