How to start a small business


What is a small business ? What do we mean with "small" ? A small building, small incomes, small clientele. Maybe it's small expenses, small problems. The only important thing for a business to continue its operations are customers.

The only thing you need to start a small business are actions. If you keep on searching for information, then you'll never correctly start a business. People waste their lives talking with words to justify their self for not doing any actions. How many people do you know that started their business and have seen an end after a year or two ? A bet you've seen a lot, why's that ? People search constantly for answers, but unconsciously these answers are in them, example, you want to eat, why do you want to eat ? The answer is in you ? It's exactly the opposite of what you want, it's because you're hungry. Tell yourself you're hungry (which is your state) and you'll find a way to stop being hungry (desired result), simple isn't it ? Same thing for starting your small business, you want to create one, why would you want that ? Maybe to diversify your incomes or increase them, but still, the reason is the exact opposite of what you want, you don't make enough money or maybe you want to be boss of your time. Tell yourself that you're poor or you're a slave, be conscious of your state and the information will come to you. You can never go to an information, it comes to you, or else you'll get information from someone who doesn't have his experience. Will you go get information from a teacher in a business creation class ? Ask that teacher why he's teaching and what was his last business, why would you get information from someone that has no experience ?



First of all, find a problem people have or better, a problem you have, and then offer a solution to this problem. People will be ready to take money out of their pockets to pay for a solution to the same problem you hade. Don't make the mistake many people do trying to find an idea. It isn't an idea you need to start a personal business, it's solutions to problems. Have you ever seen long commercials on television with products for sell with couples of payments plus the shipping and handling fees ? What do these people have in mind ? An idea, instead of a solution to an existent problem. How much time do these products stay for sell, not long enough to pay the publicity fees, so they end up with large debts. They start with an answer, a past, that didn't work because they wouldn't be doing this, so therefore their past will be recreated again with the same result, which is failure.

If you are on this page, it's because you want information, so you haven't started any actions to start your small business. Many people have seen hundreds of pages on how to start their business but they haven't done any actions. How can you start a small business without actions ?

People have to stop searching for answers and start asking themselves questions about what they are, if you are conscious of your state, without judging yourself of course, you will be free a past and will be able to create something new, something that will result of a desired state.