Human's favourite activity : Waiting


Nov 6th 2008. Observe instead of putting a judgement and you'll see around you that human's favourite activity is waiting. Wait what? Simply that others act for us instead of acting now. In any life domain, waiting or say that we'll do something later, force others to act or any other type of procrastination is an evidence, a truth at all moments.

We are creators and not people who wait, but our education, our traditions, our beliefs makes us live what we are not, such as people who constantly seek to obtain something from others instead of offering something to others with the acting way. We bring to you simple and visible examples of everyday life to allow to take conscience of human's favourite activity which doesn't bring any value at are relationship world. Which one of these are the most pleasant for you?



Two people would like to meet, and the first one waits for the other to make an act while the other waits for the same thing. What will happen?

Parents tell their kids to be respectful at adults, but never are adults respectful at kids including their parents. What education do they receive?

Teachers try to teach to kids good manners while they don't act kindly with kids when screaming, criticizing and hurting. Why do kids don't like school?

People say they'll take care of their health one day, because they don't have the time. Therefore, one day they'll have much time to take care of their disease.

The priest talks constantly of love and peace, but never can we see kind actions with others, especially if the other is from another religion.

Credit is more popular then investments, because credit is something that can be taken while investment is an action that offers. How many people are broke?

Politics is an activity for ideals, not for instant actions.

Judgement is an activity while the intention to understand is an action.

People wait for death while they live. Therefore the only real action they'll do is dying.

Human being invented future and conditional verbs to allow themselves to well justify with words and therefore push to tomorrow what they can do now.

To analyze, compare, justify, judge, criticize, complain, talk, think, believe and teach are all activities and not actions. What type of creation can we realize this way?

If I make someone guilty, then I'll have a solution not to act so therefore wait while the other acts.


With this dozen of examples and points of vu, you can see that waiting is a consequence that you are frozen, in a death state and it won't be difficult to find more examples if you look at yourself.